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Soundtracs analogue audio consoles are known in the industry for their quality, receiving high praise from sound engineers, producers and artists all over the world for producing “true British sound” at an affordable price.

Soundtracs analogue consoles are still very much in use today, as a superb substitute for expensive “boutique” analogue peripherals. They bring back to the mix the warmth and fullness that is so desired and often lost with “in the box” technology.

Soundtracs analogue consoles are truly vintage in quality of manufacturing and quality of sound. Even as the world has moved into the digital age, Soundtracs equipment has retained its value, with each series bringing new dimensions of sound and function.

In 2000, Soundtracs realized that with their long and successful standing in the industry, they needed to meet the needs of today’s users. Thus was created DiGiCo, which quickly became one of the largest manufacturers of digital consoles for F.O.H. and recording.

The great success of DiGiCo has brought new attention to the Soundtracs line, making it one of the most sought-after analogue consoles in the world.


The following is a listing, in order of release, of consoles manufactured by Soundtracs. Enjoy!

Note: All products designated with an asterisk (*) are available as PDFs in the Original Brochures Archive.

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Graphic EQ
Series 1,2 & 3
Soundcentre 1 & 2
Older products also carried the brand name "Soundout," (including several disco products) and "Frunt” (musicians' amplifier equipment.)

Soundtracs Mixers are "general purpose" unless noted or the name describes its function.

16-4-2 (brown panel)
16-4-2 (blue panel)
S Series - 4 buss
*T Series-4&8 buss, + add-on expanders
16-8-16 (or 24-8-16) - split record

Other Older Consoles*
Range Brochure*

CM4400 - split record multitrack/mute auto
CP6800* - split record multitrack/mute & route auto
CMS2, CMS3 -automation expander for CM & CP
PC Midi* -mute auto

M series
MR - split record multitrack
MC* - monitor
MRX* - split record multitrack
MCX* - monitor

Tracmix 1 - automation system
Tracmix 2* - automation system

FM Series*
FMM - monitor
FMP - portable
FM-afv - video follower
(The FM is a range of interchangable chassis and modules to create the above models)
FMB - radio broadcast

Eric - multitrack/automated
Sequel* (1) - live
IL* ("Inline") - in line multitrack
Quartz* - in line multitrack

Megas Series
(The Megas is a range of interchangable chassis and modules to create the following models.)
Megas Mix*
Megas Monitor*
Megas Stage*
Megas Studio* - split record multitrack, mute auto

Megas 2* Consoles -F.O.H. & Monitor Consoles

SPA* - live
Jade* - in line, full auto

Solo Live Range*
Solo Live
Solo 8 Live
Solo Monitor

Solo Studio*
Solo Midi - in line, mute auto

Solo Logic* - in line, full auto
Sequel 2* - live
Jade-S* - in line, full auto
Solitaire* - in line, mute or full auto versions

Topaz Record 8* - in line
Topaz Project 8* - in line
Maxi (4) - live
Maxi 8 - live
4 Buss

Virtua - digital
Topaz S4 Buss
Topaz RX8* - Dual Purpose recording / live
DPC-II - digital
DS3 - digital
DSM - digital with hard disk recorder

Nettracs - digital mixer network server
D4 - digital
DS3B - digital version of DS3 with separate CPU

The last Soundtracs analogue mixers shipped in late 1999 - early 2000. In addition, there are a few prototypes in existence, mainly in the UK, that never entered production.

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